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Who We Are

Our network is based mainly in NI but stretches to London, Scotland and as far afield as Uganda and Australia through a number of thriving business ventures and charitable projects.  We have connections to a wide variety of companies from dental practises to distribution firms, marketing to media as well as environmental projects and children’s play facilities among many more.

Core Venture Capital’s passion is to support and release creative entrepreneurship on the North Coast and beyond by encouraging local people to pursue their dreams.  We seek to model a culture of co-operation, collaboration and honour that brings growth to our region.  Our fervent hope is to see new employment opportunities develop that not only build up our economy but bring life to individuals, families and the wider community as a whole.

We recognise the talent in our area and are looking to feed into inspired ideas for new and existing businesses at a strategic and operational level.  We offer practical, face to face guidance and mentoring to develop these ideas by bringing visionary passion together with experienced perspectives.  We want to build healthy leaders with integrity at their core in such a way that encourages future multiplication as each unique idea is released to its fullest potential.

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Getting a new venture up and running can be a lonely journey and no matter how gifted you may be, no individual can do everything.  We want to support you to do what only you can do with your idea by helping you to shape your abilities and connecting you with people whose specific expertise and experience will help your plans to flourish.

We do this through a variety of options:

  • A free face to face initial discussion (a coffee – on us!)
  • Practical, bespoke advice tailored to your project
  • Funding options and a possible equity stake to allow us to continue the journey together
  • Connections to other skill sets that can become part of the professional team required to help you reach your goals (eg web designers, accountants, solicitors, marketing consultants)

All you need before you come to us is a vision or an idea that we can then help you to develop.  We recognise that every project is unique so the roadmaps set in place to support you will be decided upon a case by case basis.   You need to be willing to work hard to see your vision grow but we can discuss what framework could be in place to help you achieve realistic targets agreed upon with your mentor.

It could be that an informal investor might provide seed funding or capital for your start up in exchange for an equity stake.  This is sometimes referred to as having an Angel Investor or Business Angel.   This will allow close monitoring and assistance in the form of mentoring and will involve discussions surrounding income and expenditure, cash flow figures, regular management accounts, cost analysis and projections.  Again, any set measures or frameworks put in place to protect an investment will be tailored to your individual project.

`` I'd wanted to start my own business for years. CVC gave me the opportunity to bring it to life ``

We've Worked With:

  • Cleaning products

    Sales strategy, expansion, international market

  • Hairdressing

    Expansion and development of exciting new concept.

  • Kids soft play area

    Sales & marketing, website, strategy, social media awareness campaign

  • Gym

    Funding, expansion, sales & marketing, product development

  • Health products

    Development, implementation of exciting new project, concept design and development

  • Human Resources Company

    Concept development, website and social media campaign

Want to work with us?

  • " Core VC took the time to listen to my ideas for my business over several meetings. They provided helpful advice and common sense business planning for my business idea. They were very knowledgeable and always made themselves available when questions arose. I would recommend them accordingly. "

    Olivia, OH hairdressers Portstewart
  • " It's been beneficial to work with Core VC to drive north coast tuition forward. Their business insights have helped the business and we look forward to continue to work with them in the future to raise achievement levels in our students in maths from primary school GCSE along the north coast and beyond. "

    Patrick, North Coast tuition
  • " Core VC were amazing to be able to chat to when I was starting my business. Their advice and guidance gave me confidence in my work and the directions I should take to get my name out there. "

    Sam, Web & Graphic Designer
  • " We have used Core VC for several projects. They are always highly professional very knowledgable in our dealings with them. Their personal touch and value for money are second to none. I would highly recommend their services. "

    Keith, The Oaks Enterprises Ltd.
  • " Core VC came to our business with a fresh pair of eyes and listened intently to our views and frustration. Their ability to focus on the core issues of each project and steer us in the right direction has been invaluable to us. It is also vitally important that we have faith and trust in our external consultants. Core Venture Capital have both our respect and trust and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services. "

    Shane Birney Archtects

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Address: 5 church St. Ballymoney, BT53 6HS

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